The 10/90 Rule and How It Can Change Your Productivity

When it comes to productivity, there are two simple rules: be clear of your intentions and take deliberate steps in the right direction. These two aspects can be helped by the 10/90 rule which is explained in this video, that was originally written by Reece Robertson. We will explore how being clear on your intentions … Read more

How to Stop Feeling Anxious About Starting Something New [Ultimate Guide]

Why do we feel anxiety about starting something new? Why do we hold ourselves back from beginning a new job, a new business, starting or ending a relationship, or even moving to a new city? How can we overcome that fear and move forward?

It’s a double edged sword: on the one hand, we have anxiety that the thing we’re jumping into won’t work out well, and on the other hand, we fear we might be giving up something that would have been smart to stick with. These two anxieties gang up on us and make it difficult to make a decision. 

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How to Learn Faster: The Feynman Technique

Have you ever sat down to take an exam thinking you’ve studied hard and put in the work but then, when you read the questions and start the test, you realise you didn’t know as much as you thought?

Maybe you’ve been to a job interview where you’ve prepared for the questions you might expect, but once the interview begins you find yourself unable to answer the interviewer’s questions properly?

Both of these scenarios have happened to me in the past but I can now avoid these situations occurring in the future with the help of the wisdom of physicist Richard Feynman.

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How to Avoid Procrastination: A Complete Guide

As a child, I was terrified of horror movies – as many children are.

Whenever I watched one, I would bundle up in my blanket in fear, and then stay up all night vigilantly keeping an eye out for any monsters hiding in the closet or lurking outside the window. 

But that all changed when I changed my approach to watching horror films. Instead of hiding from the screen, I started sitting forward. Instead of cowering, I would punch the air whenever I thought a monster was nearby. I would even yell out things like “Come and get me!” or “I could take you!” at the screen when I felt particularly frightened.

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