How to Become Obsessed with Your Goals & Demolish All Your Excuses

Almost everyone has goals they want to achieve.

Whether it’s a new career, a healthier lifestyle or even just going on vacation, we all have something in mind that we want to do. But how many people actually end up achieving their goal? The answer is not as many as you would think.

This video will go over some tips on how to stop making excuses and start committing yourself fully to your goals!

The various principles discussed in the video are the things I’ve done to develop a mindset to crush my goals and demolish my excuses and I hope they can do the same for you.

The article was originally written by Reece Robertson.


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  • Video Timestamps:
    • 0:00 – Intro
    • 1:28 – Make Your Dreams More Powerful than Your Excuses
    • 3:09 – We Have More Than Enough Time if We Organize What We Want to do with it
    • 4:23 – In Conclusion

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